September 19, 2021

DarkComet RAT 5.4.1 Portable Crack + License Key Full Setup {Latest}

DarkComet RAT 5.4.1 Crack Setup Full Download 2021 (Portable)

DarkComet RAT Crack is also part of the RAT Malware program that gives the user control over a graphical user interface (GUI) on anyone else’s computer system. Furthermore, this specific program has many features that a user can use as a remote administrative utility. DarkComet can also be used to perform malicious tasks or malware to infect your computer’s system. The main use of DarkComet is to spy or monitor your targets by stealing passwords, screenshots and key registration.

However, the attacker may not use all available resources; They can only use the keylogger or the backdoor function to install more tools on the infected host. Moreover, to fully assess the impact, these details are necessary and can only be made available by analyzing the commands that the attacker sends to the host. However, access to command and traffic control is limited because most RATs implement encryption or obfuscation to hide data sent over the network.

DarkComet RAT 5.3.1 Crack Setup Full Version Download

DarkComet RAT Keygen Free Download

It is a free and popular remote management tool. This program is an effective type of software, specially to remotely control any Microsoft Windows device. It is known to be one of the most stable and complete RATs out there. Like VNC and other similar software, DarkComet offers the ability to connect and control your systems, wherever you are.

You can monitor your computers closely to supervise your employees or children online activity. In addition, DarkComet RAT can use to monitor your system, remotely help your customers or family members to recover lost data or repair a computer.

I will examine the features that the tool offers, examine its associated network traffic, define an encryption algorithm and show how a key can be identified with a simple scan of an infected host. Each time  DarkComet RAT Activation Key is specified as the payload is in a malicious infection, a typical malware scan will resolve, most resources are provided to the attacker.

DarkComet RAT Serial Key Latest Version 2021

DarkComet is a remote access Trojan horse (RAT) developed by Jean-Pierre Lesueur (known as DarkCoderSc), who is a freelance programmer and computer security programmer from France. Although the RAT was developed again in 2008, it begins to spread in early 2012. Furthermore, the program stops, partly because of its use in the Syrian Civil War to monitor activists, but also because of its author’s fear of arresting for unspecified reasons. In August 2018, program development was halted indefinitely and downloads are no longer available on its official website.

In this guide, we talk about RAT malware called DarkComet RAT Free Download, which we can use to control a computer system and can also use for a remote administrative utility. But mainly hackers use it to perform malicious activities. Like many other RAT malware, DarkComet also uses reverse socket architecture. Computer systems with uninfected GUI enables by DarkComet are called clients. Whereas non-infected systems that do not have a GUI are called servers.

The DarkComet implementation process is very simple. The first thing DarkComet does is connect the server to the client and give the client permission to monitor and control the server. At this point, the customer can use any of the features that the GUI contains. In addition, there is a server-side socket that opens and devices wait for packets to receive from the console and then execute the commands they receive. There is a complete list of features that make DarkComet such an important tool.

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DarkComet RAT 5.3.1 Crack Setup Full Version Download

Benefits of DarkComet RAT Crack:

  1. Remote edit server
  2. Download and run
  3. Closed server
  4. Computer lock
  5. Espionage functions
  6. Key Logger Program
  7. Capture the sound
  8. Capture the webcam
  9. Remote Desktop
  10. Server update
  11. From file
  12. From URL
  13. Computer power
  14. Chat remotely
  15. Mail box
  16. Also, Fun director
  17. piano
  18. Microsoft Reader

Features of DarkComet RAT Serial Key:

  • Simple user interface
  • Free to use
  • 100% work
  • Furthermore, use for educational purposes only
  • Furthermore, free paid version
  • Works on all Windows versions
  • Capture the webcam
  • Capture the sound
  • Most importantly, remote desktop
  • Keylogger
  • Network functions
  • Active Ports
  • Network actions
  • Socks Server 5
  • Moreover, LAN Computers
  • Network gateway
  • IP Scanner
  • Download the URL
  • Page navigation
  • IP / port forwarding
  • Wi-Fi access points

What’s New?

  • Enhanced user interface.
  • Other improvements and bug improvements.

Specifications Required?

  • Works with the latest versions of Windows
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1 GB of RAM required
  • 150 MB of storage

DarkComet RAT Full Working Keys:

Serial Key:




Activation Key:



How to Install DarkComet RAT Crack?

  1. Firstly, Download DarkComet RAT Crack from the link given below.
  2. Install on your computer.
  3. Then paste the copy file into the installed folder
  4. That’s all. Enjoy the latest version.


DarkComet Crack is a popular free remote management tool. This program is a kind of effective software, created specifically for remote control of any Microsoft Windows device. It is famous for being a stable and complete RAT. Like VNC and other similar software, DarkComet provides the ability to connect and control your systems, wherever you are.

DarkComet RAT Remover will detect and remove any running version of DarkComet RAT in memory. It is very efficient and can detect any version of DarkComet RAT, even if it’s encrypts, packaged , standard, exaggerated, etc. However, the attacker may not use all the available resources; They can just use a keylogger or backdoor function to install more tools on the infected host.

DarkComet RAT 5.4.1 Portable Crack + License Key Full Setup {Latest} Free Download from the link given below

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